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Rumour Doesn’t Want To Be “Alone”

For singer and songwriter Rumour, the inspiration to pursue music originated when he won his first singing competition at 17.


Growing up in Waldorf, Maryland his dad taught him to play the guitar at a young age. His love of music led him to teach himself producing and sound engineering, all while composing his own lyrics. He’s spent years making music in a multitude of genres and performing with many local artists, with each experience contributing more to his voice and passion as an artist.


Modeling his music off the creative tones of The Weeknd and The Chainsmokers, Rumour adds his own elements of ambient vocals and EDM to produce his unique spin on current Pop and R&B.


“I want my music to stand out and be different. I want it to inspire.”


His newest track is called, “Alone” and the vocals will really impress you! It makes you reminisce on past experiences as he combines his voice with some amazing production. When talking about the song he says, “Alone is an upbeat song about unrequited love. Being in love with someone who only needs you when it is convenient for them. And being fully aware of the place you hold in their life, but staying in the situation because you love that person.” Check out the video for the song below. 

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