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Rock Out with Mares of Thrace This Summer

Calgary, Canadian-based hardcore noise doom duo, Mares of Thrace are coming to The Runaway and Metro Gallery on June 20/21 in Washington D.C and Baltimore. Learn more with Maura Marcellino.

A band photo of the duo on a couch with framed pictures behind them.
Mares of Thrace. Photo by Monika Deviat

Canadian noise doom duo, Mares of Thrace is coming to The Runaway in Washington, D.C. on June 20th with Dixqbeats, Et Mors, At the Groves, and Myopic and in Baltimore at Metro Gallery the next day on the 21st with Ixias and Eyelet. Maura Marcellino had the pleasure of chatting with Thérèse Lanz (vocals/guitar) about fashion, being a woman in music, and the diversity of the D.C. music scene.

Mares of Thrace released their first album in a decade, “The Exile,” in March of 2022 and are excited to return to the United States to perform. The duo said about touring: “We’re beyond thrilled to return to the USA and Eastern Canada, and to share stages with some of our favourite bands on this trip. The response from friends both old and new has absolutely warmed our grim frostbitten hearts and we can’t wait to scream at you all in person.”

Something that pleasantly surprised her was how diverse the music scene is, especially compared to Calgary. For example, when looking for local bands to fill the bill, she posted in a Facebook DIY group and found a fellow Filipino act to share the bill with, Dicqbeats and Et Mors.

When it comes to fashion, things have changed, especially since their hiatus. In 2012, the drummer at the time, who co-founded the band with Lanz would wear a tank top and jeans or conservative dresses and people would say incredibly awful sexist things. This led Lanz to believe she had to butch up in order to be taken seriously. Recently, one of her favorite current bands, Djuna released a music video where Donna Diane wears a gold bikini similar to Princess Leia’s in Return of the Jedi, she made herself based on the Eve story. Thérèse was ready to fight in the comment section, but was pleased to find compliments and comments about hoe Donna rocks and is a hero. Lanz always appreciated the effort people make into putting on a show with elaborate costumes, even if it is not something she would wear.

Come see Mares of Thrace this summer for a fun time while being in absolute awe that there are only two of them when it sounds like an orchestra.

Maura Marcellino

Maura Marcellino is studying business and environmental sustainability at George Mason University. When she is not studying, Maura enjoys listening to music and spending time with friends and family.

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