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Riots and Jetpacks Take Big Pharma for a Ride with Carousel

New Future /Pop Rock duo Riots and Jetpacks of France release a new track called “Carousel,” a metaphor for modern health care.

Riots and Jet Packs - Carousel - album art featuring an image of a medicine bottle manufacturing line
Riots and Jet Packs - Carousel - album art

If there’s one thing most people agree on, it is that people all over the world should expect a basic level of health care. The costs of health care continue to rise and there always seems to be the promise of some new treatment along with the introduction of another new disease. 

The new single “Carousel” by Riots and Jet Packs seeks to bring a conversation around the role pharmaceutical companies play in providing the cure while financially benefitting (often significantly) from those that are ill.

Riots and Jetpacks gained significant attention with the release of 2020 single, “Angels Painted Red,” amassing more than one million streams on Spotify, which the band accomplished “with virtually little help from the music industry’s ‘machines.'”

“Blending hard rock guitars, trap-influenced beats, EDM production, and lyrics that explore addiction, mental health concerns, and everyday hardships, [Lead vocalist, songwriter and guitarist Barry Price and DJ and producer Victo Six] are creating their own path to success with strong messages, thoughtful and emotional songs and keeping a personal contact with other supporters worldwide, avoiding standard internet rules of the fake culture that is so important unfortunately in music today.” 

An initial listen led me to feel the open transparency of the lyrics felt cliché, but additional spins opened up an appreciation for how direct the message of the track is and the calculated orchestration that lends the song an apt ’round-and-around’ feeling similar to the experiences of those caught up in their dependency on the only systems presently available to us.

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