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Rina Chanel Celebrates the Magic of Love with ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’

Virginia Beach native Rina Chanel releases ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’ ahead of her self-titled album.

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Rina Chanel - Photo Courtesy of the Artist

Virginia Beach native Rina Chanel released her latest single, “Je Ne Sais Quoi,” ahead of her forthcoming self-titled EP slated for release July 2023. The fervent, soulful track celebrates the magic of love in Chanel’s signature style of class, elegance, and substance, providing yet another reminder of why her timeless music continues to captivate global audiences.

“I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about you,” Chanel says at the beginning of the track. “You’ve got that something special – that je ne sais quoi.” Even her speaking voice is alluring.

Rina Chanel notes that the French phrase “je ne sais quoi” has personal significance. “I always wanted to do a song that embodied a classy, sultry, and soulful vibe that incorporated this intriguing French phrase,” she explains. “The phrase means ‘I don’t know what’ or that something special that you can’t put your finger on that intrigues you about someone.”

Chanel studied French during high school and college and shares that she “has always had a love affair with Paris and the French language” As a child, she recalls fondly watching “romantic movies and love stories set in Paris” with her mom.

The track’s melodies are soft, delicate, and powerful, and audiences are swept up willingly into the intoxicating spell of falling in love, where time stands still, and the world feels new again. Chanel’s classic sound stands out effortlessly from the contemporary styles of the day to a magnetic effect.

Rina Chanel notes that the lyrics for “Je Ne Sais Quoi” came to her quickly and easily, forming the foundation of the song, which she then took into the studio with her creative music producer and co-writing partner Bennie Pearce, who added intricate instrumentation and production that further elevated the song.

Love changes us and serves as a reminder of the power of human connection. Although it is often difficult to put into words (“je ne sais quoi”), love just is, you just feel it, and you know that it’s right.

“I’m not the kind of girl that falls in love so easily / But it’s crystal clear to see that you have an effect on me / You’ve got me doing things that I never do cause there’s something about you,” Rina Chanel sings. Her vocal prowess is evident, and yet, Chanel uses her skilled voice to serve the music, which allows it to feel heartfelt and sincere.

Connect with Rina Chanel here to learn more about her forthcoming EP, which she says will be “introspective,” even more “personal,” and explore themes of love and life.

If Chanel’s recent singles, including” E.S.P. (charted at #1 in Italy and Canada, #8 in the U.K. and remained for four weeks at #1 on the RNB Souleffect-TV Spotify Playlist) “Sweetest of Melody” (charted at #1 in Italy and Canada, and was nominated for an Atlas Elite Entertainment Music Award ) and “Made” (debuted at #1 in Italy and Canada, and the recipient of the 3rd  Star Soul Fame Awards for the RNB Song of the Year) are any indication, Rina is not to be missed.

Find this track on the Alchemical Records Multi-genre Mixture playlist on Spotify and YouTube. Check out the music video for “Je Ne Sais Quoi” below.

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