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Reginald Wiseman, Sr. Drops, “In My Arms Tonight”

by The Alchemist

Reginald Wiseman Sr. is an artist that was born in Washington D.C. and that has been inspired by Smokey Robinson his entire life. His vocal range is compatible to Smokey’s and he felt his calling was to write about the emotions connected with his love. His own emotional experiences made it natural for him to begin to write amazing songs. The early financial benefits of a music career did not seem promising to him at the beginning, so he served many years in full time military and civilian government service.


During his government career he began writing songs and melodies but didn’t know what to do with them. He eventually decided to create a CD titled, “Evolution” and realized how much he truly loved making music. He now also can be found serving the community at Wiseman Funeral Home and Chapel in Clinton, MD.

His newest track is called, “In My Arms Tonight” and it is a smooth R&B soul love song. We love the production and vocals that Reginald has to offer on the track. You can feel the emotion and passion in every word that Reginald sings on the track. Check it out below.

The Alchemist

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