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Record New Live Album with M4TR at Jammin Java

Flyer promoting the Feb10 Jammin Java event featuring M4TR, 5th of Four, and The Invisibles.
Flyer promoting the Feb10 Jammin Java event featuring M4TR, 5th of Four, and The Invisibles.

Synthpop dance-rockers M4TR (Music 4 The Revolution) will record their next album live at Jammin Java with 5th of Four and The Invisibles on Feb 10.

“M4TR (Music 4 The Revolution) brings you rebellious dance-rock from the Retro-Future – what tomorrow sounds like from the past. The band comes from a distant plane on the space-time continuum – where synthwave, disco, punk, blues, funk, soul, and rap live on eternally.”

It’s exciting to see fans from around the world connecting to the DC-based act, with more than 700k streams on Spotify alone. Prior to the release of the upcoming live album (that you are invited to be present for the recording of), M4TR is slated to release a number of singles in 2024 from the band’s next studio album, Love Is The Revolution

Formed in Falls Church, Virginia in 2021, 5th of Four released a “Live at Jammin Java” album in 2023, as well as their debut studio album, Hold On Tight. This lethal combination is irrefutable evidence of the band’s mastery of “heavy guitar riffs, jazzy melodies, and catchy lyrics” both on and off stage.

The Invisibles’ roots are in prog rock with a sound that “includes punk, indie, blues, alternative, and pop influences, with just a touch of campiness to keep things interesting.” The band’s latest EP, Three Sided Coin, released late last year, began production as far back as 2019 but was delayed due to complications around the recent pandemic.Join the revolution on February 10, at the iconic Jammin Java, located in Vienna, VA.

Daniel Warren Hill

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