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Plight Takes Flight with New Album and Tour

Brooklyn-based Indie rockers, Plight, have begun a string of tour dates along the east coast in support of their debut album, Plastic Sun.

4 bandmates of Plight sit on a blue velvet couch placed on an outdoor sidewalk in front of a chain fence and overgrown backyard in a city setting.
Plight "No Outlet" press photo; courtesy of @jennamanders

The band’s description of the album fleshes out a sense of isolation that is both vague and dense: “Plastic Sun is about finding your beach on a trash island drifting somewhere in the ocean.” The music follows suit with heavily distorted riffs, floating melodies, and terraced dynamics as evidenced in the leading single “No Outlet”. Following in the footsteps of grungy forebearers, Plight plunges into the depths of the ocean with both ferocity and tenderness.

“No Outlet” has also been accompanied by a music video featuring a video of the band playing the song on a vintage television placed in urban locations like subways, skate parks, busy crosswalks, jetties overlooking a bay, and many more. Like the album’s description, there is a sense of isolation with the band not being physically present in the recording. And the vintage model of television used harkens back to their 90’s roots.

“No Outlet” and Plastic Sun are available now on major streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. The accompanying music video is also available on YouTube.

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