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PleasePrettyLea Drops New Video For, “Birthday Cake”

The Alchemist

PleasePrettyLea, a new emerging artist from the WestMidlands, UK nurtured talents as a singer and songwriter as young as six years old whilst her father played his guitar. Writing songs and melodies soon became natural for young PleasePrettyLea. She continued her love for musical arts throughout her school years obtaining lead roles in musicals and other performances.

At 13, PleasePrettyLea ventured into the Bassline genre scene, releasing several songs whilst working alongside established DJ’s such as DJ Apostle and DJ Moky. As the years pass, she finds a passion in Musical Theatre at age 17 and studies this at college. After graduating from college, she reconnected her relationship with DJ Apostle and got back into a recording studio to start crafting songs with all the knowledge and experience she has gained, resulting in her ambitious sound and fitting into the left field of music with a theatrical tone.

Prior to reconnecting in the creative world, PleaseprettyLea obtained a bachelor’s degree in Counselling Psychology shortly before completing a master’s degree in counselling. Thus, allowing Pleaseprettylea’s personal experiences and through working with vulnerable individuals to become intertwined throughout taboo topics embodied within PleasprettyLea’s art.

Her newest track is called, “Birthday Card” and it features one of our favorite videos we’ve seen in a bit. It has an ominous feel that truly makes you interested from beginning to end. The track opens with soft keys lulling you into a false sense of security. Prettylea is hushing a mellow lullaby to her lost love. Synth sounds rattle, the rhythm picks up, as Prettylea’s mood turns to the weird and delightfully twisted. Birthday Card’s juxtaposing RnB/Hip-Hop beats enchant the listener throughout, while Prettylea’s sultry lyrics reveal a spiteful internal battle. Check it out below.

The Alchemist

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