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The Alchemical Records: Weekly Playlist features artists that have been, well, featured, in some way on our website. If we have announced a new release or conducted an interview with an artist, chances are you will find that music here for a few weeks as this playlist is updated weekly with fresh music from any genre.

Today’s sophisticated and socially conscientious rock and rollers looking to feed their head need look no further than Ultimate Indie: New Age Energy. This playlist taps into the transcendental realm opening your third eye to the infinite possibilities of what it means to be defining an entire generation of artists as “Indie”.

If you have a subwoofer and you like to use it to its fullest potential, then this is the playlist for you! The Bumps: Don’t Mute DC playlist encourages you to turn it up for just a small sample of the talent of regional Hip/Hop and Rap artists who together provide a vibe somewhere between chill-party, edgy, and everywhere in between.

Washington DC metropolitan area and the surrounding region are often inspired by the unique features of its sandy beaches, boating and fishing communities, and conservation efforts toward the Chesapeake Bay and other bodies of water. The Ocean Cities: Summer Vibes playlist promises to give you that beachful easy feeling.

If you wanna dance, Dance Away: Get Up And Move with this playlist featuring artists that we cannot help but shake our hips to. The dance floor is anywhere you want it to be as your legs seemingly begin to move on their own, and your hands find their place somewhere, anywhere besides the insides of your pockets.

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