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Alchemical Records MultiGenre Mixdown Playlist

Taking you from one musical space to another, revealing not only our diverse tastes as listeners but also revealing a diversity of talent from around the world.

Alchemical Records Ultimate Indie Playlist

Taps into the transcendental realm opening your third eye to the infinite possibilities of what it means to be defining an entire generation of artists as “Indie.”

Alchemical Records Rhythm Elixir Playlist

Use that subwoofer to its full potential and turn it up for this small sample of the talented artists who together provide a vibe somewhere between chill-party and edgy.

Alchemical Records Skate Park Playlist

A Punk, Reggae, and Ska-influenced playlist meant to inspire your next eXtreme sport or adrenaline adventure with a driving and upbeat energy.

Alchemical Records Dance Off Playlist

Featuring artists that we cannot help but shake our hips to. Anywhere your can legs take you can become a dance floor.

Alchemical Records Feel the Feels Playlist

Sad Songs Only 🙁 A journey down every sad dark road we have never wanted to walk down but our feet have taken us.

Alchemical Records Share the Love Playlist

Reminds us what it feels to be in love, bringing us to the height of exuberance for those whom we feel unbridled passion.

Alchemical Records August Rush Playlist

Lifting up singers, songwriters, and music that tends to be a little more stripped down with influences in folk, traditional, and world music.

Alchemical Records Study Group Playlist

Inviting listeners to stay focused on the tasks at hand through tracks encouraging alertness, free of distraction to pursue your craft.

Alchemical Records Obsidian Flame Playlist

A darker, broodier, heavier, edgier, harder, more rockin’ playlist. Now with more headbanging and a slight metallic aftertaste.

Alchemical Records Cross Country Roadtrip Playlist

With songs reflecting the speed and tempo of the road. The perfect complement to every mile you experience behind the wheel.

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