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Picture Us Tiny Hopes You’re Safe Tonight

By Maura Marcellino

Dating in college can be very complicated. Picture Us Tiny, the musical alias of a slightly nerdy pop-punk college boy and D.C. native, Jackson Velli, brings us a nostalgic spirited bop with sarcasm and emotional lyrics about insecurity and disappointment. 

This track tells a sad love story about a “party girl” Jackson Velli connects with using tongue-in-cheek digs, animated imagery, and Travis Barker-like drums. Velli compares it to the hit 2003 Fountains of Wayne song, “Stacy’s Mom,” but for college students.

Had this song come out around 20 years ago, it would for sure blend well in an American Pie movie soundtrack. With pretty much everything being rebooted nowadays, you never know. Gen-Z version of American Pie, anyone? Once college parties pick back up in a few short months, you do not want to skip this danceable track. We absolutely cannot wait to hear more from this creative student. You can find his first album here with the viral single, “Indie Girls 101.”

Fans of blink-182, Bowling for Soup, Sum 41, and Fountains of Wayne should be sure to check out Picture Us Tiny, who serves as passionate proof that pop-punk is alive and well!

Watch the fun announcement video for the single here and enter the Tiny-Verse.

Maura Marcellino

Maura Marcellino is studying business and environmental sustainability at George Mason University. When she is not studying, Maura enjoys listening to music and spending time with friends and family.

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