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Phrodoe and Reek4Real are in “Attack Mode”

by The Alchemist

Phrodoe is a musician, artist, producer, and audio engineer from Silver Spring, MD. He has done a lot of work solo and with his group Dem Minor Boyz (DMB). Together, along with a couple of other artists, they make up the collective, 301 Sound. As a part of 301 Sound, Phrodoe uses his music to share his experiences, feelings, and thoughts about life while representing The 301 (The Maryland suburbs of DC). His music covers a vast variety of sounds and emotions from slow, hypnotic, melancholy songs to upbeat, energetic, spastic songs. His sound carries many elements of modern hip hop and trap mixed with slight touches of post-hardcore and jazz. His lyrics, on surface level, show a hedonistic thrill seeker demanding his respect and having the time of his life, while a deeper look will show a man trying to hold it together and strive to prosper for his people as life throws hardship after hardship at him.


As the lead single for Phrodoe’s mixtape, Slickk Tape 2 (A tape of all his features from around the DC area over the last year), Phrodoe links up for the first time with Reek4Real, another artist from the Silver Spring, MD area. The song speaks about representing for The 301 (the Maryland suburbs of DC) while staying true to the ones who have been with you. The song also contains the iconic “Phro on the beat, he using a bat” tag from artist and frequent collaborator, CrashDummyCozzy.


As we listened to the track, we were immediately given energy from the combination of the songs’ vocals and production. The entire song is a very good song for working out or going out on a run, as it is very upbeat and lively. Check out the song below.

The Alchemist

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