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PhotoSynthesizers Are Back With Weekly Acoustic Sets

Maurice “BarCodez” Jackson and Joshua Bryant are keeping themselves occupied during these troubling times and producing a weekly video series known as the  P.S. Acoustic Sessions. Session number two features the song “Retrograde” from last year’s album “Apollogy”. It is not only a reminder of what they experienced as a band, but a reminder to all of us listening that our lives are cyclical. The  band uses the analogy of the retrograde motion of the planets to explain that our lives are actually still moving forward despite the state of relationships with people, places, things, and events from the past. They are following their own orbits that are out our control, but are still influenced by the gravity of the shared moments.  BarCodez is promising that the next P.S. Acoustic Sessions will be a hell of a surprise, so be sure to subscribe to the PhotoSynthesizers’ on YouTube.

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