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Phily Skeamz Brings New Track, “Tellin Lies” to the World

by The Alchemist

Phily Skeamz is an up and coming artist from the Washington DC area. He has recently been putting out a lot of great tracks, and is slowly making a huge name for himself.


A native of Alexandra Virginia, where Skeamz was born, he was surrounded by the culture of Washington DC, known for its go-go music, historical sites, and sneaker obsessed residents. The DC metropolitan area is heavily immersed in the hip hop culture, which played a part in the dialect used in Skeamz rhymes. This rhetoric is shared by his superstar counterparts who emerged from the same area. Phily Skeamz started to garner some local attention for his 2013 mixtape “Acception to the Rule” and 2014 mixtape “Catch Up.” These mixtapes were mainly recognized for its remixes to “Maad City,” “Sure Thing,” and “Wu-Tang Forever.” Proceeding these releases Skeamz followed up by releasing over a dozen songs on YouTube and SoundCloud. This lead to the unveiling of his debut independent album “Finago” in 2019. After the completion of his first LP, Phily Skeamz would end the year by providing two more singles to the public, “Neighborhood Recipe” and “All U See” in December of 2019.


His newest song, “Tellin’ Lies” is a banger for sure! The production is bouncy and the lyrical flow gets very easily caught in your head. The song is great for a nightclub environment, and as the world slowly opens back up, I bet this song will continue to gain popularity. Check it out below.  

The Alchemist

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