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Philippe de Pontet Utilizes Wordplay in ‘Which Way?’ EP

By Margaret Adams

D.C.-based singer-songwriter, guitarist, and percussionist Philippe de Pontet recently released his new EP “Which Way?”, on January 28. The 7-track collection is a follow-up to his 2021 album, Unwind Your Mind.

The EP’s most vibrant and intriguing parts are the lyrics; almost every song features enormously creative and interesting elements. Although there is differentiation between the tracks, the EP maintains a cohesive acoustic-forward feel, exploring social issues from a personal level. 

“Unwind Your Mind,” the EP’s opening track, features an increasingly fast rhythm and addictive melody. The song starts with a saxophone solo, setting a cool and loose tone for the song. The use of repetitive rhyming creates a relaxed style, allowing the listener to actually “unwind their mind.” “On Thin Ice,” another standout track, is a more percussion-forward song that explores the issue of climate change and having to place trust in humanity to take the right steps. 

If the ice cracks or melts, or rather when, remember to swim to shore if it’s still there then

If it’s still there then… 

Don’ forget to breathe on your way out

You gotta think like a kid now, like your kid’s kid now

“Which Way?” – the title track – showcases incredible integration of violin, percussive beats, flute, and acoustic guitar. The song transitions toward the end to a faster melody, illustrating the way other people can influence our decisions about our lives and what the “right” decision is. 

How can I monetize my mind and stay sane at the same time?

The future’s hazy and feels like a maze, I’ll poke around, I’ll 

get there / Just not sure the how the why the what the when the where 

Despite some of the heavy topics explored on the EP, de Pontet notes, “All is not doom and gloom, as the sometimes-dark commentary is leavened by fun beats, lyrical wordplay, and elements of hope and redemption. Hopefully, ‘Which Way?’ will fill in the gaps even if the way forward remains uncertain.”

“Which Way?” is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, SoundCloud, and YouTube. Follow our Alchemical Weekly Spotify Playlist for more great music featured on the site.

Margaret Adams, Contributing Writer at Alchemical Records

Margaret Adams

Margaret Adams is a Psychology major and Rhetoric and Writing minor at The Catholic University of America from New Orleans, Louisiana. In addition to her work with Alchemical, she writes for CUA’s student newspaper, The Tower, and has recently been named Quill Editor. She enjoys reading, writing, and looking at pictures of her dog, Bella.

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