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Peak Bloom Blossoms in Debut DIY Punk EP

Washington D.C. punk band Peak Bloom amplify the region’s DIY punk community with the release of their self-titled debut EP.

Peak Bloom band photo.
Peak Bloom - Photo courtesy of the artist.

Released in June 2023, Peak Bloom embody the determination and resilience of the creative community; summoning the spirits of the D.C. punk rock gods in the vein of Minor Threat, Fugazi, and Bad Brains. Having recorded the EP in October of last year, the band faced some ‘unexpected roadblocks’ along the journey to release the new music but came out strong with a series of recent (and upcoming) live performances. 

Having already rocked the Rhizome, Peak Bloom is ready to perform singles from the EP, which includes “Breakfast for Dinner” and “Fine (or Whatever)” at Pie Shop in D.C. with Staycation on July 7 and The Garage in Richmond on July 8 before closing out the month with another home game at Slash Run on July 22.

Peak Bloom live music schedule July 2023.
Peak Bloom July live music schedule.

“Breakfast for Dinner” is an alluring way to begin the 4 song EP. A quick bass and drum intro explode into a full blown frenzy before transitioning into “No Future.”

“We wanted to come out and capture some of the louder and faster components of our set,” the band says.

The latter half of the EP incorporates more modern elements of emo and pop with “Farm” and “Fine (or Whatever),” and Peak Bloom shows they have more than one trick up their sleeve than just speed as they introduce more intricate melodies and dynamics.

“We pride ourselves on an energetic and tight live show, and we recorded the EP to best try to emulate that,” says Peak Bloom. “The songs were recorded together as a band, other than vocals. So what you’re hearing is essentially a live take rather than our best individual instrument tracks.”

“Breakfast for Dinner” is available now on major streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

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