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Pawl and Discrete Drop, “Type Like That”

by The Alchemist

Pawl is an artist, songwriter, and producer based in Stockholm, Sweden with roots in Lebanon. He began producing songs at 13 years old, and hasn’t looked back. Pawl has since been gaining international recognition through the support and likes of The Chainsmokers, Cheat Codes, and other famous artists.


His newest track is called, “Type Like That” and he teamed up with an electropop connoisseur also from Stockholm, Discrete. The song is one that makes you want to dance from start to finish. It’s a great club track, and as the world starts to open, I’m sure you’ll hear this when you go out to your nearest club (maybe DuPont Circle?). The lyricism is unbelievably catchy, specifically the hook, as it is balanced with the bouncy production. Check out the track below.

The Alchemist

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