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Overthoughts – Trust Me

The Alchemist

Will, Alec, and Kevin of Overthoughts (based in Maryland), join the Alchemicast with Andy Reed from their various remote locations to discuss their latest release on March 19 , “Trust Me”, and to talk about how members of the band (all professional musicians) had to come up with interesting ways to sustain income generating opportunities over the last year. They talk about their lives as the band Stacked Like Pancakes and their need to create a whole new project around the songs presented by Overthoughts. The band talks about the importance of maintaining a connection with fans and other artists within the DMV, and how the band has been collaborating to bring new music to life during strange times.

Featured Song “Trust Me” by Overthoughts

Hosted by Andy Reed
Produced by Daniel Warren Hill
Edited, Mixed, and Mastered by Daniel Warren Hill

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Intro/Outro Music: “Dreaming” by YellowTieGuy (Hill/Schmitt. Endurance Match. ASCAP. 2016)

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