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Orrin Barely Escapes Unscathed in “My Bad”

By The Alchemist

In February, Alchemical Records introduced our readers to Orrin, a “collective conscious and cyborg sent by a higher civilization to warn humans about the incoming apocalypse,” with their lead 2022 single, “Project X.” Now, this digital “savior for hope” returns with a coming of age story warning listeners not to forget where they come from in “My Bad.”

Through heavy use of autotune and various digital rhythms and melodies, Orrin touches on the destructive behaviors of human impulse and the negative effect those behaviors have in virtual reality and IRL (in real life). In “My Bad,” Orrin highlights his personal struggle against his own human condition in addition while transforming into a social conduit in the battle against ‘the Matrix,’ a term Orrin uses to define the corruption we see in society around us.

“My Bad,” detailing the painful sacrifice of love, human connection and friendship when we forget where we come from, is available now on all major platforms and will feature a forthcoming music video that continues to take these very real concepts into a virtual space complete with a daring escape from a group of red-eyed alien backing dancers. Fans of Lil Uzi Vert, YEAT, Future, and The Weeknd should definitely check it out below, or find it on the Alchemical Records Multigenre Mixture playlist on Spotify.

Daniel Warren Hill

Daniel Warren Hill is an American musician, writer, and motivational speaker. He is best known as the frontman for Washington DC area Alternative Rock band YellowTieGuy, as co-founder of Capitol Groove Collective, and increasing the exposure of artists on a global scale through his work with Alchemical Records. 

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