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One Way Out Take Energetic Live Show to Union Stage for Sophomore Album Release

By Edward Miskie

You may remember Alchemical’s coverage of One Way Out’s single “Candy” from earlier this year; the Everclear and Marcy’s Playground musical love-child. But now, we are happy to announce and celebrate One Way Out’s upcoming album release party show on August 20 at Union Stage. Get tickets here.

One Way Out’s upcoming sophomore studio album, “The Sun, The Moon, The Truth,” is a masterful amalgamation of rock genres spanning several decades of audible influence supported by an underwire of blues. There are signs of every decade in which rock existed in the very first track “Liquid Paradise.” The opening guitar riff smacks of early 2000s Creed/Nickleback (I mean this in a very non-ironic or insulting way – say what you want about either of those bands, they were epic when they landed), which are paired with vocal melisma that echoes back to Van Morrison with a Smash Mouth quality to them.

“To us, The Sun, The Moon, The Truth meant to avoid the inclination to see and think in black and white, and instead step back and see everything as a nuanced whole,” explains guitarist Jake Schaefer. “Our goal was to paint that picture using a wide variety of tones and sounds throughout the album, so I hope that listeners can hear it and connect with all of the different feelings on the record.”

The album as a whole is a fresh take on a genre that was highjacked by a glossy pop-punk which spawned bands like All American Rejects, Blink-182, and the like. But before those bubble-gum punk groups took the stage, there was one final breath from a heavier, more edgy corner of rock before it turned. One Way Out links what we lost.

Their simple, yet sexy lyrics cut through the distorted guitars in a way that takes me right back to the passenger seat of mom’s Honda Civic on my way to basketball games and choir practice. It’s so deliciously nostalgic. “The Sun, The Moon, The Truth” almost time travels.

This album is great fun! It has made it onto my Spotify playlist for the summer, for sure. Add them to yours here. And don’t forget to check out their August 20 show at Union Stage to launch their new album, “The Sun, The Moon, and The Truth.”

Edward Miskie

NYC based singer, actor, voiceover artist, author, writer, & cancer survivor. Glutton for historical fun facts and charcuterie boards. More at

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