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One Way Out Hints at New Album with Recent Singles

Jimmy T’s Place launches on all major platforms Oct 6

True to form, dirty shirt rock n’ roll band One Way Out, originally from Washington D.C., do not disappoint with their latest release, “Final Failure,” from their forthcoming junior album Jimmy T’s Place, named after the iconic Capitol Hill restaurant.

One Way Out band members sit inside Jimmy T's restaurant.
One Way Out - Final Failure album art

Having recently relocated to New York City, One Way Out is poised to launch Jimmy T’s Place with NYC rock bands Citrus Maxima, Sauce City, and SLMBR at Berlin Under A on October 6, 2023. 

About the album, guitarist Jake Schaefer reveals, “[One Way Out] melds frenetic psychedelic jams and DIY, blown out production with the hypnotic rhythms of Can, and the intensity of grunge bands like Soundgarden and Alice In Chains. Being the band’s first self produced effort, they leave songs sounding raw and exploding with energy, injecting their live spirit into the record. Additionally, the band took the recording process with them all over the world, beginning with live tracking in Piriapolis, Uruguay, and taking the files with them to Maryland, New York City, Sperryville, VA, and finally to the album’s namesake, taking room audio from Jimmy T’s Place on Capitol Hill.”

“Final Failure” makes its debut along with B-side “You Can’t Do Everything For Jim Morrison” and together they hint at the forthcoming album’s overall grit and vigor. One Way Out’s dynamic on-stage liveliness is fully realized and conveyed within the recordings, mastered by Mike Monseur of Bias Studios. 

“Final Failure” is available now on major streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Daniel Warren Hill

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