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Oli Outside Drops, “Lightning”

by The Alchemist

A quick follow-up to his latest single “Follow Me Home”, buzzing indie pop-punk artist Oli Outside releases his stadium banger “Lightning”. The collaboration with pop songstress Jackie Horne is slated to release on Friday, July 24th. Feeling like both sides of the story needed to be heard, Oli intentionally wrote “Lightning” as a duet in order to open the conversation about the war that is love. With lyrics like “We don’t have to look far to see this castle falling apart,” he recognizes the way humans are drawn to tales of epic destruction. But in “Lightning”, it’s clear he’s willing to rise above so that he can find a love worth having.


The track delivers an epic back and forth between artists; their soaring vocals paired with an endlessly danceable beat creates a larger than life feel that you can easily see thriving in the festival-like atmosphere. The anthemic track offers a new less angst-driven sound from Oli that fans are bound to hang onto. His lyrics “There’s no revolution without violence” feels overtly topical, but as it pertains to the song, it drives home the point that love cannot be achieved without diligence and hard work. The song’s universal yet emotional appeal makes you want to fight for love. It makes you want to fight for happiness no matter how long it takes. He speaks to his resistance to change but knows that if he’s willing to stay open to new possibilities, that the potential for happiness is truly endless.


Oli Outside’s versatility extends beyond his music; he creates everything in house, including his merchandise. With dreams of being a fashion designer, he hopes to channel his unique strengths into multiple creative endeavors. Known for his energetic and captivating live performances, Oli has successfully garnered over 700K streams on Spotify alone. The love for his music motivates fans to create content on platforms like YouTube and Tik Tok. Something about his songs inspires others to bring the music to life; with impressive songwriting credits for artists like Louis The Child and The Plain White T’s, Oli has been organically climbing the ladder of success with a productive and collaborative ethos. Having had to learn the hard way and start over several times in his career, he continues to come back stronger and more creative by doing what he does best: putting the fans first.


As we listened to the track we found ourselves getting really into it, and dancing within the first 30 seconds. The song itself has qualities that inspire the listener to gain more energy, and could be a great song to play in the morning to get your day started. Check out the track below.

The Alchemist

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