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NOX ETERNA Thrills with Debut Single “All I Wanted To Say”

Multidisciplinary artist and multi-instrumentalist Charles Maybee of NOX ETERNA is a consistent creator and collaborator (full disclosure—he’s one of our contributing writers here at Alchemical). So when Charles found in-person collaboration impossible during the initial onset of the COVID-19 pandemic he took the opportunity to develop a completely brand new project from scratch which he would write and produce himself.

Charles Maybee of NOX ETERNA plays with shadows
Charles Maybee of NOX ETERNA / photo courtesy of the artist

NOX ETERNA’s “All I Wanted To Say” is the first exciting insight into these new sounds as well as the debut launch by Maybee’s label, Polymath Records based in Charleston, SC.

“The lyrics of this song speak to my frustration with the inherently linear and vertical shape of our transaction-based economy, and the maddening hike up the pyramid scheme of money. It feels like the natural starting point for imagining more compassionate structures and systems to live within, which I daydream about through my music.”

There are obvious punk and pop punk influences at its core, but Charles teaches a masterclass in rhythm with each thoughtfully placed bass note, snare hit, and reverb infused guitar staccato. The bridge brings with it a kind of loose island ska-vibes, and the track is ever-evolving and engaging.

Case in point, “All I Wanted to Say,” Charles’ introduction to mixing and mastering, uses the stereo channels directly like a contributing instrument with something new appearing or disappearing here and there (I may recommend headphones). Meanwhile, selectively, some instruments are kept to tight requirements while others are granted longer tails.

It will be interesting to see where NOX ETERNA takes us next musically, though Maybee has some ideas musically, saying, “I love punk music and the ethos that often comes with it, but I think the hardest part of writing from a punk perspective is remembering that destroying is easier than building.” He continues, “So, while this song is more hell-bent on destruction, I plan for future songs by NOX ETERNA to be more focused on making new worlds.”

Find “All I Wanted To Say” on your favorite streaming platform and on the Alchemical Records Multigenre Mixture Playlist on Spotify.

Daniel Warren Hill

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