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Noah Chenfeld Releases Charming Video For New Single, “Orioles”

by The Alchemist

NYC born and bred musician Noah Chenfeld releases a whimsical and effervescent new video for the recent track, “Orioles,” directed and produced by filmmaker Ben Klein. Set entirely on a baseball field, the video moves through the customs and traditions of baseball, complete with Cracker Jacks, old school trading cards, doping up, and a silent nod to the legendary Barry Bonds.

Noah Chenfeld says of the video:

“Given the song title is also the name of a Major League Baseball team, I thought it would be fun to make a baseball-themed video, including all the strange quirks and rituals associated with it, a big joke really, starring my dad who proved to be a charismatic lead.”

The track is a contemporary pop-rock confection, fused with funky guitars and punchy synths. Noah devised “Orioles” entirely under quarantine, alone in his room with a laptop, guitar, and keyboard. To break up the days, Noah started running daily, and one day, in a state of post-run zen, Noah had noticed birds chirping, and was taken by their melody. He immediately ran to his phone to record the tune. That bird song became the starting point for “Orioles”.

When we listened to the track we were most impressed with the way that he combines multiple portions of various genres and creates a very unique feel in this track. It has a pop feel in the vocals, while it also has some alternative elements to give it a calming feel. This is a great song to help the listener wind down after a long day at work. Check it out below.

The Alchemist

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