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No More “Excuses” with Bad Mother Nature

There is an immediate sense of Americana familiarity in the opening strums of the latest single by Bad Mother Nature, “Excuses”, that harkens to the blues roots of Tom Petty, or Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. Along with stacked harmonies that ground a distinctly folk feel, it’s a song that has the tinge of a western traveler.

The nice surprise that the song delivers is a distinct swing feel as the drums come in, imbuing it with a lurching energy that feels driving and urgent. At the song’s core is a story about a person struggling with the line between taking a break and giving up as hardships come their way. Using excuses, this abstract character justifies their neutral contentment as a way of getting by until the next thing.

But how long will the excuses hold out until there is nothing left but a decision to be made? An action to take? That seems to be the point that Bad Mother Nature is getting at as they sing, “I don’t think I’ll be around when the water gets too deep”. They paint an ironic picture of someone who has stuck around only to abandon ship when their contentment could not be sustained.

It’s a challenge that everyone faces in various forms throughout life, whether we stick with something despite hardships or move onto the next when we’ve reached our breaking point. But Bad Mother Nature warns of the pitfalls of letting problems persist to long, letting them stew in laziness or alcoholism to the point of no return.

“Excuses” is available now on major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, SoundCloud, and TIDAL.

Charlie Maybee

Charlie Maybee is a dancer, musician, educator, and writer based in Charleston, South Carolina who currently teaches with the Dance Program at the College of Charleston. His primary work as an artist is with his performing collective, Polymath Performance Project, through which he makes interdisciplinary performance art that centers tap dance as the primary medium of expression and research. He also currently plays rhythm guitar for the Charleston-based punk band, Anergy, and releases music as a solo artist under the name Nox Eterna.

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