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Nico.wav Drops Another Track, “Purified”

by Chris Delente 

Nico.wav is an artist born and raised in PG County, that I have had the pleasure to learn a lot about lately. He says that he is done waiting for history to be made, and he has decided to create it himself. He has been working on his newest project, “I’ll Explain Later” lately, where he talks of how he is embodied in his quest to create the world in which he wants to live in, all while undoing the negativity around him.


His newest track is called, “Purified” and it has a very relaxing feel that also includes some very memorable lyricism. He shouts PG county right before the hook rings, “I use to chase the high, I used to live a lie, I used to have no drive, I used to get denied…” as the listener is entranced in the ominous feel of the production. This is a great track for winding down after a long day at work. Check out the track below.

Chris Delente

Chris Delente is a freelance writer, audio engineer/producer, and overall music obsessor who has lived in the Washington D.C. area since birth. He is also a huge Washington Redskins fan, and an equally enthusiastic supporter of all D.C. sports.

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