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New Soul Artist Grace Weber releases new music “Crazy To Hope” (feat. Masego)

by The Alchemist

For Grace Weber, the most powerful moments in music have come from abandoning all expectation. The Milwaukee-born talent, now based in Los Angeles after a 10 year stint in NYC, has taken inspiration from numerous aspects of her life in crafting and creating her signature sound. Weber first developed her soul-igniting presence when she began singing in a gospel choir throughout her childhood. 

It was in 2016 when Weber first became connected with the Social Experiment and Chance The Rapper. She went on to see his groundbreaking mixtape win Best Rap Album at the 2017 Grammy Awards, winning Weber her first Grammy. At the end of 2017, Weber independently released her single “More Than Friends,” a sweetly hypnotic track whose breakout success got a whirlwind of press, a co-sign from John Mayer, and opened the door to Weber finishing her debut album, produced by Nate Fox, Nico Segal, and Peter Cottontale of the Social Experiment.

It hasn’t all been easy and linear. Despite her climbing success, Weber faced setbacks. After signing to Capitol in 2018, Grace spent the next two years fighting manipulative relationships within her own inner circle and ultimately cutting ties with her past. This next project is her coming-out-of-the-dark album, a light at the end of the tunnel.

Weber has toured South America with Chance, North America with PJ Morton, and appeared on Tiny Desk with Goldlink, all while continuing her work with ‘Grace Weber’s Music Lab.’ (a Milwaukee-based nonprofit she founded to offer free music education to high school students). As Weber gears up to release her debut album in 2020, one of her greatest hopes is to instill others with the same sense of possibility she found in creating each song. “Making this album, we decided that we were going to let it take us on a journey, instead of trying to force anything,” says Weber. “I’d love for people to come away feeling like they’ve been taken on a journey too, whatever that might mean for them. Hopefully it’ll help them uncover deeper parts of themselves that they maybe hadn’t understood before- all the little contradictions that make us the complicated and beautiful people we are.”

Soul, R&B singer-songwriter Grace Weber has collaborated with notable producers Louie Lastic and Jack Dine to deliver her new unapologetic EP, How Did We Get Here, out next week!

How Did We Get Here is a collection of cool and soulful tracks from the the GRAMMY-winning Weber and is bound to move something inside of you. From the throw-back classic feel of “Crazy To Hope” ft. Masego , to the catchy ‘fuck you’ energy of “Sideways,” Weber showcases her endless songwriting and vocal talent in this body of work and it is sure to place her on your radar.

The stand out “Sideways,” is a confident and edgy burner featuring electric guitar, smooth R&B vocals, and brutally honest lyrics. Written about someone from Weber’s past who was a master at gaslighting and manipulation, “Sideways” tells a story of taking back one’s power. “Every time you come around, flowers go back in the ground, you won’t keep on fucking with me,” she says with a tough grit. There’s resiliency, strength, and an inextinguishable energy that empowers any listener.

On single “Crazy to Hope” feat. Masego, Weber croons with her unmistakable soulful sound, wondering if the excitement of an early relationship is real. Masego lays down his signature saxophone in the second verse and helps create the perfect mood for some wine, mood lighting, and reverie.

For more about Grace Weber, visit her website at

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