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New Single “Watercolours” by La Faute Brings the Canvas to Life Through Sound

Visual artist, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter, La Faute paints a picture with music in her latest single, “Watercolours.”

La Faute - Watercolours - Album Art - Peggy Messing stands in the forefront of a city street with a grey sky lit by a lone streetlamp.

“Watercolours” is sung in something of a whisper. Le Faute vocalist, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Peggy Messing conjures similarities with Elizabeth Fraser, former lead singer of Cocteau Twins and vocalist/lyricist of “Teardrop,” performed with Massive Attack. 

Given that comparison, the tone of “Watercolours” might be described as ‘if Massive Attack performed with only acoustic instruments.’ The timbre of her voice and the complexity and thoughtfulness of the lyrics are amplified by gently plucked guitar. Spatially aware hand claps, upright bass, and kick drum all seem to take turns sharing the responsibility of the reflective mood of the song.

This kind of fluidity is best described by Peggy herself. “Watercolours are impossible to control when you’re painting, they won’t stay put, they never remain where you want them to,” she observes, describing how the final outcome of a watercolour painting is only once it has dried before continuing.

 “In the songwriting I was thinking about big, small, outside, inside points of view. I was picturing water on windowpanes, tears on cheeks, the rhythm of windshield wipers while driving in the rain. I was thinking about the main character of the song, the narrator, as a little sinister, is this song about love or is it unhealthy, unrequited obsession? I wonder if that feeling of infatuation bordering on obsession rings a bell with anyone. I wanted to teeter between a feeling of longing and a little bit of darkness.”

Find “Watercolours” on the Alchemical Records Multigenre Mixture Playlist on Spotify and YouTube.

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