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New Album by Mustard Service with ilikebloo Collaboration

Miami, Florida-based indie surf-rockers Mustard Service release their newest single, “VCM” from their third album to date, Variety Pack (available now). The single includes a guest vocal performance by rapper ilikebloo.

Mustard Service assembled around a men's bathroom urinal.
Mustard Service - Photo by Evan Garcia

“VCM” attains a vibe that hasn’t been achieved since, perhaps, 1969 with the release of Daydream by Wallace Collection.” After an assuredly daydreamy introduction the song transforms polyrhythmic dance, the underlying melody playfully shifting between instruments beneath the vocal performance.

Mustard Service - Variety Pack album art depicting a cartoon style drawing poking fun at the tiny cereal variety packs. Popular cereals have been replaced with "Meaties," "Vice Krispies," and "Cat Crunch."
Mustard Service - Variety Pack album art

“VCM is possibly the most collaborative song on the album. We’ve had our friend, ilikebloo, write a whole verse for himself. We told him, word for word, ‘it’s not even written yet man, say whatever you want and we’ll write around whatever you spit.’ We can’t speak for Numan (ilikebloo) when it comes to the theme of the song, but our interpretation had to do with the lack of authenticity in the Miami music scene and the frustration of having to deal with the people in it.

We’re sure most cities are like this, a handful of sycophants who used to trash talk you are now suddenly interested in being your friend once you’ve amassed some modicum of success…but we tried to express our own lived experiences in the scene, hence the name ‘VCM’ (Vice City Magic) acronymed as such because we thought the full name was a bit cheesy.”
– Mustard Service

Sons of Latin immigrants, Mustard Service in 2015 and is held down by Marco Rivero
(lead vocals, guitar), Gabriel “Nuchi” Marinuchi (guitar), Augusto “Tuto” Di Catarina (bass,
vocals), Leo “Big Guy” Cattani (keys), and Adam Rhodes (drums).

Mustard Service is actively carving out a niche with their own brand of “zest pop,” appealing to fans of artists ranging from The Beach Boys, Mac DeMarco, and Charly García. Infused with elements of funk and jazz, the band’s complex and infectious grooves and thoughtful lyrics prove the band is unquestionably on course to be appealing to other musicians while still being thoroughly accessible to the average music fan.

Florida-based listeners and readers can enjoy the album launch party, Mustard Service Presents ‘Zest Fest,’ a new one-day music festival to support local Miami based artists: Donzii, Seafoam Walls, Better Than This. It’s not too late to get your tickets to this Aug 5 event via

“VCM” is available now on major streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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