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Namor Reveals Artistic Depths with New Video

San Francisco producer, songwriter, and Pop/R&B artist, Namor directs the music video for “The Mood” from his recent album, Mile High Club.

Namor "The Mood" music video thumbnail
Namor "The Mood" music video screenshot thumbnail

Celebrating the release of his 11 track debut album, Roman “Namor” Shokuri continues to dive into the depths of his vision for a collection of songs which the artist says began “as a small-scale album to be made solely for live performance in clubs.” The music video for the synth-driven ballad, “The Mood,” directed by Namor, is an artistic and colorful visual set in sandy beaches and late night skyscrapers.

This isn’t Shokuri’s first time sitting in the director’s chair, however. His experience behind both the lens and the microphone continue to shine in the wake of videos for “Pink Flamingo” and “Holyfield.” Having performed all the songwriting and production for the album, it’s beautiful to witness this creative extension into the visual medium. It’s easy to appreciate how, according to Shokuri, the album “slowly became a very endearing art piece as the concept developed into a story with characters reflecting my own relationship experiences.”

Influenced by Daft Punk, Charlie XCX, Giorgio Moroder, and The Weeknd, Namor is not afraid to collaborate to achieve his desired sound; as evidenced by the fact that Mile High Club features vocal performances by Tucker Starbuck, LifeonMarzz, Lea Fromm, and Calypso Carbon from the group “House Of Carbon.”

If you’re a fan of the vocal performance by LifeonMarzz on “The Mood,” hear him on other songs from Mile High Club, including “Save Me” and “Heart of Ice.”

“The Mood” is available now on major streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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