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N.C. Palma Gets Stuck on a Mental Plane Between “LAS – ORD”

Chicago-born rapper, N.C. Palma, takes a contemplative trip back home in his latest single “LAS – ORD”. When he gets tangled up in Vegas with a girl from his hometown, he finds himself caught in his desire to be a free agent. Throwing around phrases like “temporary”, “a couple days with you”, and “fleeting moments” it’s easy to tell that he feels overwhelmed by the notion of committing to someone when he’s just visiting for short time.

Towards the end of the first verse, he drops the line “The only way to dodge is to simply not start”, which feels like the song’s thesis. There’s no room to let anything grow in Sin City, so he keeps it moving along to avoid prolonging the relationship’s inevitable demise and the subsequent hurt that will only increase with more time invested.

“This song is essentially a true-to-life tale. Doing a good bit of traveling brought me through Vegas, only to briefly reconnect with a girl from my Chicago-suburbs hometown. That relationship wasn’t destined to work out, but this song was.” So, we can think of this song as both a cautionary tale and as a self-set rule about how N.C. Palma plans to keep his relationships in time, and in check.

“LAS – ORD” is available now on major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud and on the Alchemical Records Multigenere Mixture playlist on Spotify, of course.

Charlie Maybee

Charlie Maybee is a dancer, musician, educator, and writer based in Charleston, South Carolina who currently teaches with the Dance Program at the College of Charleston. His primary work as an artist is with his performing collective, Polymath Performance Project, through which he makes interdisciplinary performance art that centers tap dance as the primary medium of expression and research. He also currently plays rhythm guitar for the Charleston-based punk band, Anergy, and releases music as a solo artist under the name Nox Eterna.

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