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My New Mixtape Transcribes “Long Distance 1970” Phone Call

With dreamy overtones and a catchy groove, “Long Distance 1970” by My New Mixtape transcribes a fictitious phone call made during a timely point in U.S. history.

“Long Distance 1970” maintains a conversation tone between two friends catching up over a distance as it discusses the difficulty of making a long distance move, how popular tastes change, the space race, calling in the national guard, and other moments in history. The whimsical nature of the melody synchronizes sweetly with the vocal performance by Washington D.C. area artist and producer Jarret Nicolay of Virginia Coalition.

Breaking down these broad topics implies the song is slightly tongue in cheek by, in many ways, acknowledging that the struggles of the past resonate with the struggles of modern times. Though, to be fair, “Long Distance 1970” is much more specifically describing “the breakup of the Beatles, the Vietnam war and the Apollo lunar missions,” according to the YouTube description that accompanies My New Mixtape’s official music video for the track.

The music video depicts a man and a woman on vintage telephones as moments in history pass between them. With or without visual aids, the track is thought provoking, but not preachy, and is more than catchy enough to land squarely in your alternative indie pop playlists.

“Long Distance 1970” is available now on major streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music

Daniel Warren Hill

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