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MP Grey and Rudiger are Ready for Battle in New Single ‘Game Of Life’

By Charlie Maybee

German producer and indie rock songwriter, Martin Polle (aka MP Grey), has released his tense, introspective new single “Game of Life” featuring vocals by Rudiger.

Pulling from a variety of sounds and influences, arpeggiated synthesizers bubble overtop of droning guitar ambience creating a hybrid pop-rock feel that stands its ground. Vocally, Rudiger treats the vocals like a slow march towards war as they undulate and drive the composition forward. As the electronic gradually fill in and the distorted guitars swell, the stakes get higher and the sound becomes larger than (the game of) life.

Lyrically, the song takes a defensive stance as if bracing for an attack at any moment. As MP Grey and Rudiger survey their surroundings to develop battle tactics, there’s a sense of impending collision that lingers in the air as they prepare to “defend my fortress / otherwise my kingdom in the game of life”; lyrics they continually return to in the chorus which also act as the emotive anchor for the song.

The song is well produced and manages a balance of encouragement and bravery amidst danger on the horizon. As they navigate the battlefield, MP Grey and Rudiger demonstrate their resilience and hold their ground. This is a waiting game now, and the duo has never felt more ready to take the world by storm.

“Game Of Life” is available on major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, TIDAL, and Pandora. Find this and more great music on the Alchemical Records Multigenre Mixture playlist on Spotify

Charlie Maybee

Charlie Maybee is a dancer, musician, educator, and writer based in Charleston, South Carolina who currently teaches with the Dance Program at the College of Charleston. His primary work as an artist is with his performing collective, Polymath Performance Project, through which he makes interdisciplinary performance art that centers tap dance as the primary medium of expression and research. He also currently plays rhythm guitar for the Charleston-based punk band, Anergy, and releases music as a solo artist under the name Nox Eterna.

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