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Mollie Jay Drops, “Even if you Scream”

Mollie Jay is a singer and rapper hailing from PG county Maryland right outside of DC. She has a soulful voice and a knack for spitting lyrical rhymes. Her single, ‘Shine,’ landed at #21 on the Billboard Dance charts in 2017. Mollie has done a lot of pop and EDM, but she is returning to her roots of Neo-soul and Hip Hop. She released her debut EP ‘(K)now Better’ in June 2020. She is now in Los Angeles working her way to becoming a household name. Her biggest influences are Justin Timberlake, Eminem, and Lauryn Hill and Toni Braxton.


Her newest track is called, “Even if you Scream” and it has an amazing combination of vocals and production. The lyricism really draws you into the song (as you can see in the lyric video), and makes you connect with the song. The hook rings, “It’s like the roll of the thunder, or the oceans roar, but I just can’t hear what you say anymore,” and we can’t get it out of head; This song is marvelous! Check it out below.

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Betty Who, headliner of Kinetic Presents Pride Month event

Zach Renovátes, Kinetic Presents: In the Name of Love For All

As a producer bringing some major events to Capital Pride this year, Zach Renovátes admits that he was keen to get Betty Who on the lineup. After having seen several of her live performances already, Renovátes knew the Australian would make a fine marquee addition to the “Kinetic Presents Candyland” event at Echostage June 10.

Fortunately, she was both available and interested.

“Something that I personally saw was that [Betty Who] is one of the most pro-LGBT singer-songwriters I’ve ever ever seen perform live,” Renovátes said, adding that the D.C. audiences at her concerts come largely from within the gay community. “So she absolutely knows that we as queer people make up a huge percentage of her fan base.”
The June 10 event is the main draw of a weekend of collaborations between Kinetic Presents and the Capital Pride Alliance in celebration of D.C. Pride 2023. Other big names who will play at various venues around the District include DJs Abel and Cindel, Dan Slater, as well as Jerac and Paulo Fragoso. It’ll be a pride-filled musical weekend indeed, with Echostage, Sax, Bunker and Bliss Nightclub hosting the pulsing sounds of revelry. And there’s also the big parade on June 10.

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