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Mo Safren Wants Us to Feel Like We Are “Kids Again”

Mo, short for Morris, is a musical master. He has studied under some of the best teachers in the world at the Shenandoah Conservatory in Winchester, VA.  He understands and has a deep love for music. Mo is an artist, performer, producer, and philanthropist. His parents have been instilling powerful music into his life since he could breathe–everything from Motown to Frank Sinatra to Chopin. Mo started producing and composing at the age of ten.  He strongly feels that music has no limits, therefore, he is always searching for new musical concepts in the unknown. One of Mo’s main goals is to create music that moves the hearts of his listeners.

His newest track is called “Kids Again” and it features some piano chords that will hit your soul. The lyrics of the track are very emotionally pleasing, and the song has an ominous tone that makes you feel comforted towards the end. We felt that this is a great song to begin winding down after a long day.


Mo had this to say about the track:

“Kids Again” is a love song that l wrote in the beginning stages of my relationship, because the intense feeling of love that I was experiencing reminded me of the feelings I had as a carefree kid: warm and without worries—nothing else mattered. I believe love is the answer to the unprecedented times we are living in, and In “Kids Again”, I tried to evoke that feeling of timeless love.


Check out the track below:

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