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“Miranda” Music Video Shows Off Half Gringa’s Many Hats

Chicago-based indie rocker, Half Gringa (also known as Isabel Olive) premiered the new music video for “Miranda”, the leading single off her upcoming EP, Ancestral Home. Following a through line that feels more intimate and introverted than her previous work, this new single gives us a glimpse of something new.

“This song is about many things” Olive notes, “mirrors, perspectives, the past, the future, love, longing, homeland, identity, characters, and relatives. Basically, all the things I love writing about. ‘Miranda’ is representative of who I am, who I could be, who I was, who my ancestors were, how I love, how I grieve, and all of the different versions of me that exist in between.”

Speaking about collaborating with Robert Salazar for the video, she says, “I really wanted to have something that illustrates what it’s like to have multiple artistic roles – being the director, being the performer, being the writer, and then just being me. It was awesome to work with someone who understands that as an artist.”

As the dark and sprawling story unfolds, you can feel the sense of unease that seeps through the audiovisual experience. Pulling from cinematic classics, Olive comments that “The biggest visual inspiration was John Cassavetes and Gena Rowlands’ Opening Night (1977). There’s so much turmoil in this film about past selves, present selves, doppelgangers, people you could have been, pretending to be someone else, and changing as you age – a lot of those themes feel relevant to the song and its imagined protagonist.”

And if you find yourself captivated by Half Gringa’s sound, be sure to catch them at the Get Tight Lounge in Richmond, Virginia on October 14 with Deau Eyes. Check out this link for details.

“Miranda” is available now on major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and BandCamp. The accompanying music video is also available on YouTube. Find this and more excellent music on the Alchemical Records Multigenre Mixture playlist on Spotify and YouTube.

Charlie Maybee

Charlie Maybee is a dancer, musician, educator, and writer based in Charleston, South Carolina who currently teaches with the Dance Program at the College of Charleston. His primary work as an artist is with his performing collective, Polymath Performance Project, through which he makes interdisciplinary performance art that centers tap dance as the primary medium of expression and research. He also currently plays rhythm guitar for the Charleston-based punk band, Anergy, and releases music as a solo artist under the name Nox Eterna.

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