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Milton J – “Come and Go”

Milton J lets the pen bleed in “Come And Go” produced by @TheRealCharlemagne and Steve Kang. Instrumentation by Tony Correlli. Background vocals b y Kristina Hong.

In this track, Milton J vents all his frustrations with the music business. From fake promises and bullshit advice, to the cons promising you the world for a couple bucks. In this business the majority of artists, connects, friends, family, and visionaries are only in your corner when it benefits them. Nothing is free in this world so be careful who you let become part of your circle. The moment you fall short, their true colors will show.

The story line of the video is an analogy of this vicious cycle. The main character broke the so called “rules” of this group of individuals. The reality is the main character no longer benefits them. Those stabbing you in the back will often feel righteous and justified in their choice. I guess you had it coming. Evil and betrayal are relative.

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