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Mike Baretz Wrestles Emotional Complexities in ‘Take It That Way’

Humans are creatures of habit. Sometimes people stay in relationships for no other reason but familiarity. In his latest track, “Take It That Way”, Mike Baretz wrestles with the emotional complexities of holding on to that relationship despite seeing its faults.  

A somber subject matter paired with an equally somber and somehow uplifting vibe. Mike’s mellow vocals sit lightly over a beat reminiscent of an indie track, with R&B and hiphop tendencies. Synths drone and meld with the vocals beautifully giving the song dream-like sounds that help move the story along.  A relationship like the one Mike describes as having “… cracks in the foundation” can feel repetitive, and often lonely. To open the song he asks “How many times I gotta watch the same situation play out?” Telling the listener that whatever brought them to this point is an ongoing thing.

The droning nature of synths gives a sense of consistency, much like how the troubles in a toxic relationship can be constant. And yet the Instrumentals don’t necessarily make this feel like a sad song. In fact, one could argue that there is some hope being projected. After all, we often cling to people despite the troubles because we hope for the best. Baretz is showing off some true musical storytelling talent there.  

As far as depicting loneliness, In the video for “Take It That Way”, Mike is seen wandering through a home and in the woods desperately contemplating the situation. Grainy footage and stylized cuts give the song an extra layer of artistry.  

With the sad yet hopeful tone of the track, Mike Baretz’s “Take It That Way” is a good addition to your easy-listening playlists.  

Alchemical Records Contributor Carlos Ramirez

Carlos Ramirez

Carlos Ramirez is a broadcaster and lover of all things performance art from the DC region. With experience in the theatre, television, and radio, Carlos believes one of the most important details that makes music magical is the culture. Supporting the artist is just as important as enjoying their art. Therefore, when he’s not on the air, you can find him at every open mic, hole in the wall, and basement show in town.

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