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“Melting into You” by The Infinite Daisy Chains is Out Now!

by The Alchemist

The Infinite Daisy Chains are made up of two members both local to the Washington D.C. metro area. Ian Dandridge and Kristina Westernik-Dandridge met in a dimly lit garage to meet for rehearsal, and are now married five years later. Kristina specializes in the violin, vocals, and Ableton push, whilst Ian is the guitarist of the duo. As well as the pair boasting years of experience in playing synthesizers and drum machines, Kristina was featured on the violin on Oceanids’ track ‘Tapestry’.

Much of their music was inspired by their honeymoon experience in the Californian desert, as they say, “The marriage secured their commitment to each other, and the emotion that spills over into the duo’s creative process.”

With a seemingly ‘infinite’ sonic palette that sees them generate ideas from synthesizers, drum machines and an array of live instrumentation, their sound fuses Bedroom Pop and Neo Psychedelia in a way that is unique to them. This ethos reflects those artists which have shaped their sound, with Tame Impala, Gum, Pond, Tycho, and Beach House imparting heavy influence.

Collectively, their goal is to create and release a catalog of music that stands the test of time, and above all — genuinely inspires the people it reaches. As the ‘next generation’ in a rich legacy of psychedelic rock, they want nothing more than for their reverb-drenched productions to serve as a salute to the genre that brought the two of them together.

Their newest release is called, “Melting into You.” It brings an incredible amount of energy and emotion from the very beginning to the end. It calms the listener and brings them into a state of nirvana, a place of delight and peace once the hook arrives. This song is a great song to listen to with everything going on in the world right now. Check it out below.

The Alchemist

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