Maryjo Mattea Releases 60’s Inspired Pop-Punk track “Candlelight and Roses”

by Daniel Warren Hill

Washington, DC-based songstress Maryjo Mattea just released “Candlelight and Roses”, which simultaneously evokes classic ’60s “wall of sound” vibes and early aughts pop punk feels. Complete with hand claps, Jerry Lee Lewis style piano, and Shangri-Las inspired backing vocals, this throw-back number is a song for the cynics. “The last thing the world needs is another tortured love song,” Mattea sings, and yet that’s what she’s produced–a snarky anthem for anyone who’s ever been fed up with modern courtship.

In its June 14th premiere, Hometown Sounds referred to it as “dark, cynical and yet still sweetly adorable.” You can read their full review at

It’s understandable that Hometown Sounds would jump at the chance to premiere Maryjo’s latest track. In 2016, when they premiered “Getting Over You” from her debut EP Four Minute Symphonies, they rightfully pointed out that Maryjo “has the charisma and the songwriting chops to rise above lesser singers and develop a substantial following”, which she has proven in a short time.

Cover Art for Maryjo Mattea's 60's inspired pop-punk influenced track Candlelight and Roses.

The track provides some interesting credits as well. the concept for the artwork came from the mind of Joshua Hunter, who played guitar for recording of “Candlelight and Roses”. Joshua recently released a track called “Turing Test” via his solo project, Endless Winter. The photography and design work was done by Eamonn Donnelly, who also plays bass on “Candlelight and Roses”.

If you can’t get enough, you can follow Maryjo Mattea on Spotify or even purchase her full discography from Bandcamp

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Daniel Warren Hill

Daniel Warren Hill is a songwriter, producer, and performer. He currently rocks guitar and vocals for Alt/Rock band YellowTieGuy, Produces, sings and mixes live video for Data Recovery Project, and lends his talents to Beach Boys Tribute Band “Back To The Beach”. When not performing, Daniel is actively engaged in family activities with his wife, two daughters, roommate,and dog. Daniel enjoys exploring creative and business outlets, spending time in nature, and is currently addicted to Star Trek Timelines.

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