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Marilyn Hucek Lets Go of Relationship Baggage with Latest Single ‘Boy Drama’

By Cynthia Gross

On May 27, American-Chilean singer-songwriter Marilyn Hucek released her new single, “Boy Drama,” a dreamy, post-breakup track that empowers women to never loose sight of their self-worth in the aftermath of a failed relationship.

“Boy Drama” was inspired by one of Hucek’s long-time friends who was going through an abortion. “I grew up with a solid group of girl friends,” Hucek shared. “Each one of the girls is like family to me, so when sad things happen, it can get pretty emotional.”

“I know you’re better off with someone else / I know you’re the kinda girl to leave yourself for last / He doesn’t appreciate the girl you are / You don’t know you’re a diamond in the rough,” Hucek sings in the first verse. The direct conversational nature of the lyrics coupled with distinct features, including the opening voicemail clip, give “Boy Drama” the quality of a love letter to a friend. Supporting instrumentation driven by minimalist synth arpeggios, intricate pads, and a chill R&B beat feels reassuring like a warm embrace.

“Boy Drama,” the follow-up to Hucek’s feminist anthem “Girls Girl,” is the latest in her growing body of work 100% created, produced, and performed by women. The Washington, D.C.-born and New York City-based artist walks the talk, demonstrating the power women are able to access when they support each other. The single was written and performed by Hucek, produced/mixed by Elizabeth Maniscalco, and mastered by Martina Albano.

“I moved away from a lot of my core friends after the pandemic hit, lost my job, and couldn’t afford to pay rent in New York City,” Hucek shared. “I noticed I started writing songs with the theme of being there for a friend and giving loving support and encouragement, as if I were talking to them on the phone or hanging out with them in person. I guess it’s my way to continue to be connected and stay close from a distance.”

Despite the fact that the boy in question is unfaithful and “comes and goes” when he wants, leaving our leading lady to clean up “all of his mistakes,” Hucek’s treatment of him in the song cleverly diminishes his desired domination of the relationship dynamic. By relegating his scandalous behavior to ridiculous, over-the-top “drama,” Hucek effectively restores her friend’s crown, reminding her that she will be much “better off with someone else.”

In her art and being, Marilyn Hucek delivers intensity and assertion with class, demonstrating the type of strong woman you would be lucky to have in your corner. She’s an unapologetic cheerleader, coach, and girl squad leader. Fans of Madison Beer and Tate McRae will identify with Hucek’s alluring pop diva vibe and bold message.

“We have to share resources, lift each other up, and extend a helping hand along the way once we have made it to the top,” Hucek shared. “You have to be and embody the change you wish to see in the world. My mission is to help inspire more women to support women through my music.”

Check out Marilyn Hucek’s “Boy Drama” below. Follow our Alchemical Multigenre Mixdown playlist for more great music featured on the site, and stay tuned for more from this rising talent.

Cynthia Gross

Cynthia Gross is a freelance writer and award-winning spiritual pop artist based in Maryland. With more than a decade of experience as an executive ghostwriter, she understands the power of each individual’s voice to create positive, meaningful change.

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