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M.A.G.S. Comes to Terms with His “Sins” in Brash Cut from Upcoming LP

“Sins,” is the electric new single from indie-punk-rocker M.A.G.S.

M.A.G.S. stands outside a home with barred windows.
M.A.G.S. / photo courtesy of Migella Accorsi

M.A.G.S. hails from Los Angeles’ diverse music scene and draws inspiration from his total disregard for traditional subgenre limitations. Having experimented in the past with heavy metal, lo-fi, folk, and punk rock on his self-titled debut project, “Destroyer” will also represent a coalition of contrasting ideas and sonics.

Following the release of punchy lead single “Elephant,” M.A.G.S. has provided fans with another genre-bending taste of his sophomore studio album. The headbanger of a track bleeds influence from a plethora of differing subgenres. His timeless indie rock voice is paired with thrashing drums reminiscent of hardcore punk. Just as you think “Sins” has slowed down and dissolved into sunny alternative, M.A.G.S. throws in a yell or a raunchy guitar solo.

The song’s subject matter matches its instrumentation’s fervent, relentless nature. Far from just another “what’s the meaning of life?” song, M.A.G.S. comes to terms with the fact that there’s no real answer to that question. “I take a step back and look at all my work,” M.A.G.S. confesses, “I know I’m gonna hurt myself.” “Sins” is the artist’s attempt to quit ruminating on the past and how it’s affected his present life.

“Take my hand / Because I’m losing control,” M.A.G.S. laments after a screaming session. The track cools down as he sings “I hear you calling my name / To which I have no reply / It’s so much easier living in my head.” The song then once again swells into angstier, desperate annunciations of these same lyrics. A full kaleidoscope of M.A.G.S.’S emotions is on display here, in a song that allows him to showcase each side of them.

“Sins” is available now on major streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

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Cameron Landry

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