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Lxst Drops, “Upset”

Lxst, whose real name is Malcolm Mathews, is a 20-year-old rising rapper with ever-growing depth and complexity. At 17, following a family dispute, he found himself living on his own, expelled from school and bussing tables to survive—a time that marked the beginning of his love for recording music.

Lxst quietly built a loyal following through SoundCloud with a regionally-loved loosie, “WYA,” popular follow-up, “Last Time,” and “Exhausted,” a sparkling cut which appears on his EP titled ‘Lost.’ The moody 10-track EP boasts an open-hearted skit (“Intro”), little braggadocio (“Lit”), and echoes his rock, trap, and Caribbean influences (“C’est La Vie,” “Crazy”). His sound is an undeniable amalgamation of his inspirations, including XXXtentacion, Juice Wrld, The Fray, Al Green, and Bob Marley. As he works on his forthcoming EP slated for later this year, a forthcoming video that stretches the limits of his creativity, and continues to grow as an artist, Mathews’ output promises a fresh, new take on popular music.

His newest track is called, “Upset” and it is quite the banger. The beat has a bouncy, almost West Coast feel to it, that is combined with some very catchy vocals and lyricism. Check out the video below.


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