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Lund Drops, “Broken” featuring Lil Skies and Noah Cyrus

by The Alchemist

Lund is an artist who grew up about 65 miles away from Los Angeles in Moreno Valley. He developed developed a heightened musical perspective as a little kid. Born to high school-age parents, he lived with his paternal grandparents as mom struggled with drugs and dad faced severe mental health issues. Lund’s grandfather taught him how to play guitar at just six-years-old. At the same time, he listened to everything from Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radiohead, and Coldplay to N.W.A. and Gravediggaz. He played trumpet throughout middle school and even participated in marching band and orchestra. Discovery of Ableton broadened his sonic horizons further. By eleventh grade, he found himself cooking up his own productions and laying down vocals. Working out of his home studio, he architected everything from scratch, crafting the production, instrumentation, and singing.


Juggling a day job and music, he unassumingly uploaded “Broken” online. Slowly but surely, it gained unbelievable traction. Influential YouTube channels such as Astari touted it, and A-list streamer Clicky Crisp incorporated it in a popular Counterstrike montage. With its airy guitar, echo-y trap beat, and cathartic melodies, “Broken” generated a staggering 152.4 million Spotify streams and 54 million YouTube views. The track’s raw approach immediately resonated. Along the way, he dropped two independent projects—Gold and BlkBird—followed by the likes of “Low,” “Heartache” [feat. Foreign Forest], and “Skin & Bones.” Additionally, he launched his first-ever tour in 2020 with Guardin and GucciHighWaters, selling out venues across North America. As he prepares more music, Lund makes an impact through each and every song.


His newest track is called, “Broken” that features both Lil Skies and Noah Cryus. Lil Skies is actually from Chambersburg, PA, and has spent some of his life in the Hagerstown, MD area. Noah Cyrus is also a very famous celebrity that adds a ton of emotion to the track. The song itself has some intriguing lyrics that are balanced with a guitar laced, hard hitting beat. Lund says, ““Never thought I’d see the day where two of my idols are featured on a track that I made in my bedroom. I owe it all to everyone out there listening, thank you for everything,” talking about the track, which is an inspiring message that all artists should take in as they continue to work on their craft throughout quarantine. Check out the track below.



The Alchemist

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