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Lucy Dreams Reaches High “Levels” in Eclectic New Music Video

Vienna-based dream pop trio Lucy Dreams are back with their latest single, “Levels (feat. Frida Bollani Magoni)”, an homage to Einstein’s quantum theory, along with its exploratory music video that is a voyage through dimensions. 

The “Levels” video coincides with the atmospheric track, a collaboration with the Italian singer Frida Bollani Magoni. We are met with black and white urban visuals – city skylines, cars whirring by at night, people walking in a subway station, etc. Its creative editing techniques (overlays, time lapses, rotating images) open a completely new realm.

Magoni’s voice gives the track more dimension, a vocal layer on top of the bands’ to become the ray of light on which we are invited to travel. 

Levels sets out to unite three different time dimensions in a song,” the band says. “Each dimension is represented by a concrete reference level of the real world. Level Zero – the ground level, Minus One – underneath the surface of the earth, and Plus One – in the air, above the ground.” They guide us through these three levels as the song progresses, using images of the big city just above the ground for people to realize that “there is both an above and a below – in terms of time a before and an after, simultaneously,” Lucy Dreams says. They intended for the video to emulate how “there are massive layers of substance that divide us from both the ground level and the open sky, the constricting atmosphere manifested in the fact that ‘time is a gift we’ve sold’.

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Alchemical Records contributor Emma Page

Emma Page

Emma Page, a recent Journalism graduate of The George Washington University, possesses a passion for music journalism and storytelling in all its forms. Originally from Baltimore, MD, when she is not writing, she can be found at a local concert or making music of her own.

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