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“Love Stories” by Namix Tells New Music Friday Tales 12/9/202

Producer and DJ, Namix regales us with “Love Stories” of a fantastical nature, setting something of a romantic tone for New Music Friday. So we ride the love wave a little while with tracks by nodisco. and Chris Mozy. Things take a darker turn with a sultry offering by Rose White, an introspective new single by STRVCK, and the multifaceted edgy new song by Forty Feet Tall. This will be our last new music Friday feature of the year, so of course it’s a good one! You can find all this and more excellent music on the Alchemical Records Multigenre Mixture playlist on Spotify

We warned you in May when Namix released “Lost” that you should expect. The differences between his last single and “Love Stories”, in collaboration with vocalist undy, are evidence of this Washington D.C.-based DJ and producer’s vast influence and ability to craft powerful narratives about relatable people and perspectives. Listeners are transported into yet another carefully crafted environment and soundscape with “Love Stories” and the lyrics reinforce the notion that love continues to remain a fantastic and wonderous thing.

Throughout high school and while pursuing his degree at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Namix cut his teeth DJing and performing at a variety of events for diverse audiences and opening for big-name artists before being signed to Instant Records; founded by legendary producer, songwriter, and record executive Richard Gottehrer.

Continuing our foray into romanticism for a bit, let’s dive into “Break My Fall”, co-produced by Luke Moellman (Great Good Fine Ok), with nodisco., who for most of the track reminds me of John Mayer while perhaps remaining more squarely in the pop landscape. The guitar tones you might expect to come from the aforementioned artist occasionally shine through, but mostly take a backseat until the solo at the outro. The song is exceptionally well written. The production is top-notch, and even while acknowledging the specific infleunce of another artist, nodisco. executes enough surprises to allow their own personality to shine through; letting you know why they absolutely stand out and why you need to take notice.

“‘Break My Fall’ came about at a party as this person and I discussed lost love and mixed signals given by each of our own complex and confusing love interests,” says nodisco. “At the time of recording, I was listening nearly exclusively to John Mayer’s ‘Room for Squares’ at the time of production, which influenced the rawness and funk of the song.”

Chris Mozy maintains our romantic notions yet a little longer with “Being Us” a song that’s alt-rock / adult contemporary sound are sonically and lyrically accessible. The spirit of the song is perhaps best conveyed at the start of the second verse: “Give me the space and room to discover / Who I am and how I want to better”.  It’s a feel-good song that is easy to fall in love with and catchy enough to want to fall in love with again and again. “Being Us” is the fourth single from Chris this year, preceded by “All The Way“, “The Gift“, and “You Stopped Loving“.

“Filthy Dream” by Rose White offers a commentary on the theme that the love of money is the root of all evil. “Money made you filthy” at the start of the chorus boldly and equally calls out one and all for giving into greed in exchange for fulfilling your truest and most authentic vision. The song’s groovy, jazzy, fluidity builds naturally, dynamically, and beautifully.

Rose White is a Polish-born singer/songwriter based in North West London. Mixing pop with elements of soul and funk, she speaks her truth through intimate lyrics. Rose writes her music therapeutically to explore and understand herself and the world around her. “Filthy Dream” is the second single from her upcoming debut EP ‘One Fourth Mark’.

“Day One” by STRVCK is an emotive and introspective track that softly and sweetly describes what we all know. Life is hard from day one. We question who we are and what we are capable of from day one. The song’s tempo and “never gonna run away” attitude convey an optimism or confidence that, even if things stay the same, we’ve got this.

STRVCK derives its name from a nearly fatal accident in which singer Chelsea Seth Woodward was struck by a bolt of lightning as he inserted his key to unlock the driver-side door of his vehicle. He was subsequently rushed to the hospital, suffering a large cut on the back of his head, a concussion, and some short term memory loss. Miraculously he emerged from the event with no long term injuries. In early 2020, Chelsea and fellow Austin, TX musician, Drew Walker joined forces, creating what is now the songwriting/ performing duo STRVCK. Their sound bounces between guitar driven indie rock and dreamy synth pop. Together with help from producer (and sometimes co-writer) Max Frost, they created their debut Album, “Day One.”

“Sleepwalking” by Portland angular rockers Forty Feet Tall is the most frantic track of this week’s selections. The song connects with our youthful angst where we wonder if we are making an impact on the world and the people around us with our lives or if we are just sleepwalking. For fans of The Strokes and Queens of the Stone Age, “Sleepwalking” follows Forty Feet Tall’s latest rage-filled EP BOIL released last September via Magnetic Moon. “Sleepwalking” has a punk-filled energy but not in any way that might be considered cliché. It starts with bass and drums, has an edge of psychedelia akin to Annapolis’ Robot Jurassic, and is perfect for all the ways you might want to use the mosh pit.

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