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Little Brother’s Rapper Big Pooh Knows What It’s Like “To Dream In Color” in New Solo Album

Highly regarded hip-hop duo Little Brother made their surprise comeback in 2019; now three years later co-founding member Rapper Big Pooh has dropped his new personal solo venture – his most recent album, To Dream In Color, via Soulspazm.

For the past three years he has kept busy managing artists, A&R consulting, and DJing under the name RPM. This album marks how he has not lost his passion for making music, even during the global pandemic and nationwide shutdown that affected the remaining dates of the May The Lord Watch tour in 2020. To Dream in Color is a product of Big Pooh’s revisitation to a project he started in 2016, and thank God he did because this album delivers important, powerful stories and messages from his nearly 20 year-long career in the music industry.

“To Dream In Color represents living life,” he says. “A lot of times we are so focused on goals that we never stop to see all that we’ve accomplished … With this album, my focus was on painting a picture with words. I wanted to essentially create an audio book.”

And he is extremely effective in doing so with these ten tracks. The album opens with “Dreaming in Color” ft. J. Smash of The Nukez, where Big Pooh reflects on his childhood, determined to “break the cycle”, paving the way for the rest of this dreamy album. He especially recounts his journey in the industry in songs like “Changing Again”, “What Else”, and “Broken Dreams” ft. Blakk Soul. Rapper Big Pooh expresses the weight of his responsibilities and faces his fears. He looks to God in this album, particularly in “Thoughts and Prayers (Interlude)” and “God’s Grace” ft. Jared Evan. He channels “real hip-hop” in “1 Day in NY” and exudes confidence in “LS400”: “For the first time in my life, I’m feeling like me” … “Who would’ve thought me being myself could win hearts”.

“Mother’s Day”, featuring beautiful vocals by BeMyFiasco, is a heartfelt dedication to his mother: “You’ll always be my favorite girl / I love you”. The final track, “In Surround Sound” ft. Tre’mar, reminds us to never settle.

This album will make you look forward to hearing what’s next on his journey. Rapper Big Pooh has continued to prove that he can bounce back from any hardship.

“My hope is that listeners get a better sense of who I am as a person by actually hearing my story,” he says. “This is my most personal body of work”.

Find information and tickets for the Dream In Color tour here.

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Alchemical Records contributor Emma Page

Emma Page

Emma Page, a recent Journalism graduate of The George Washington University, possesses a passion for music journalism and storytelling in all its forms. Originally from Baltimore, MD, when she is not writing, she can be found at a local concert or making music of her own.

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