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It’s hard to open up to people in real life. I use music as an outlet to show who I truly am to the entire world.”

Reese is an artist from Woodbridge, VA that is a true rising star. After releasing his first singles Ghost and Don’t Go in 2015, Reece garnered love from all across the world. Reece was finding his sound and beginning an incredible creative journey, which would lead to meetings with early fans like Benny Blanco, collaborations with producers like Clams Casino, Robotaki, Heavy Mellow, stints living in NYC and LA, and the release of his debut EP ‘I’m Not Sure Yet’ in 2019. That project was supported by opening slots for FINNEAS in NYC and LA, for NomBe at the legendary Fonda, and a 5 show run with Maverick Sabre.

Reece will start off 2020 with a number of singles, culminating in his second project, which will continue to explore his vulnerability, but also the newfound strength and confidence gained through his journey.

The songs reveal a vulnerable, vital, and vibrant alternative Alternative Pop/R&B poet whose vocal range proves just as expansive as his emotional spectrum. That’s why he immediately stirred up a buzz amongst listeners everywhere. Pigeons & Planes premiered his stirring, soulful single “Don’t Go,” and it quietly amassed over 2 million streams. 

Reece has really grown over the last few years since his debut single “Ghost” came out in 2014. In these past 4 1/2 years, he’s moved from LA only to find his way back to DMV to really settle into his artistry as well as his lifestyle. Upon moving back home, Reece decided to get healthy not only mentally but physically. This led to an amazing weight loss of over 100lbs and also Reece really coming into who he was as young man and artist.

About his latest work “Last Time”, Reece says… “Sometimes relationships suck. ‘Last Time’ is about being able to find the strength to walk away when a relationship turns sour.” This is  a great song for anyone going through a tough time and looking to grow from previous experiences. You can listen below.