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LIONCHLD Helps Tarrus Riley and Shenseea Create, “Lighter”

LIONCHLD is a name you may or may not have heard of as an average music listener, but those in the music industry know they’re a force to be reckoned with. The songwriting and production trio consists of three very different and very talented individuals, all hailing from completely different corners of the globe. Nathalia Marshall, from Switzerland/Italy, Rachael Kennedy, from Canada, and Lance Shipp, from Detroit, Michigan. The trio found each other 5 years ago when they wrote a song together at a studio ran by Grammy-winning producer Brian Kennedy.


“We all wrote one song together and not only was it some of our best work, we realized we were all total goofballs and quickly became best friends.”


What sets the group apart from so many, is how multi-talented they all are. Each sings, plays multiple instruments, and writes and produces. Based out of their studio in Van Nuys, the group is constantly creating and carving a very unique place for themselves in the music industry.


After years of building a career working with music legends like Timbaland and penning songs for mega stars like Britney Spears and Bebe Rexha, the team is most excited about their latest release with Caribbean Superstar, Shenseea. Shenseea and Tarrus Riley released their single “Lighter” just two weeks ago and the song has gone #1 in over 15 countries all the way from Jamaica to Kenya. The music video has reached almost 10 million views and went #1 on the iTunes reggae charts, and this is only the beginning of LIONCHLD’s work with Shenseea. The trio have been cooking up behind the scenes with Dancehall and Latin super producer Rvssian, and have 3 more singles set to release on Shenseea’s project. 


Their newest song that they’ve written is called, “Lighter” and you can definitely see how much talent they have. The song features Tarrus Riley, Shenseea and Rvssian, and the hook is what stands out most to us. Shenseea sings, “Baby when the bright lights start to flaming, fire up your lighter, float on way with the waves, you make me light, light, lighter” as it soon goes into Tarrus Riley’s verse. Check out the video below.

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