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Lights:Out! ft. Khiva, Supertask, Ill Chill: Full Moon Gathering

by Malik Hall

Keeping up their M.O. of scheduling events to occur during celestial happenings, Drum Circle Productions is having a full moon celebration. Lights:Out! will enhance the sound of their dancefloor experience by having it be virtually void of lights in a sensory deprivation fashion. Forty-five minutes of yoga will start off the night before the dance party begins. The party will be headlined by the bass heavy mixes of Khiva, the experimental beats of Supertask, and Ill Chill, who mainly raps over electronic tracks. Blaze Mundo will also be making an appearance along with Richmond’s own Sunrizen and Magnetite.

The show will be held on December 12th at Slyderz Bar & Grill at 1112 E Main St., Richmond, VA from 9PM – 2AM.


Malik Hall

VCU Alumni, Malik Hall fell into writing by accident, but the best things in life are unplanned.”Music is permeates the soul is a language that is understood by everyone, why wouldn’t I want to write about up and coming artists.”

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