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Latin-music icons – Anuel AA and Ozuna Team Up On, “Los Dioses”

The Alchemist

 Latin music fans are celebrating today with the debut of Los Dioses, the collaborative album from two Latin-music icons – Anuel AA and Ozuna. With 12 original songs, this record represents a milestone in the career of both of these Puerto Rican talents.

Although they are not from the DMV their music can certainly be celebrated, as they are very popular among the DMV area. This powerful team-up between Anuel AA and Ozuna was eagerly anticipated by both artists’ massive fanbases. These two greats have previously enjoyed stunning success together with such collaborative chart-toppers as “Adicto,” “China,” “Cambio,” “BEBE,” “La Ocasión” and more. 

Our favorite track off the album was, “Los Dioses” which also shares the name with the album. The music video features the two artists flexing in their new cars, and actually racing each other in their foreign vehicles. The song features a very catchy sample and hard hitting 808s to be sure that the listener gets out of his/her seat. Check out the video below.

The Alchemist

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